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There is many models of media center systems. The Case of HTPC is very important. It is a part of your Audio System and should be integral part of it, not just some junky PC or Laptop temporary hooked up to TV and your Amp.

Here I will show what I am developing now.

I have some requirements that everyone else has, for such a new box for the altar. But it will actually turn out to be a good idea with a media center in the living room.

My requirements specifications.

Quiet. Plays almost all types of media files. Is easy to use. (The kids/wife should enjoy it) Does not use too much power. (no large operating expense)

It’s the 4 points shown are the most important, for me in these save times. At the same time, I would also like to have good sound, so a good sound card is also a requirement. I have used a silverstone box named GD02MT Link. It has a 4.3 inch pressure sensitive screen in the middle. When I examined which software was available for this type of screen for mythTV. There was nothing that I could use. Then what do you do. Yes now I have worked as a developer for several years and still develop a little at home. So I started to figure out how it should work. So, therefore, this project.

The software is Ubuntu 18.04 pt. started with 9.10 with mythtv on top, this gives an easy administration of the system because most of it is ready to start, i run with dual screen setup and have a hdmi connector from the media center to 7.1 receiver. The touch screen uses hdmi and usb for mouse emulation. At the same time I have made support for lirc remote control. More on that later.

I run all the output from the mythtv_controller software to the small touch screen. Where the status screen is also. So if I do not use the mythtv_controller program, the status screen regarding disk space and the next recordings will be displayed. After which the system itself turns off and starts up when a program is to be recorded. Recording and again hibernating. Not smart. I have also developed an RSS reader for mythtv. It is on sourceforge.net It is very simple and use. there is only one config file where you insert the rss video link you want to download. I use it for sweeping and the wizard.

Here is some pictures…

Check it out here...

Here some pictures.